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Enjoy or Die

Recording Studio &  Music Production House

What we do

We produce the creative works of musical, graphic and paint artists. 
Our services include the recording, production, publishing of music and the printing of visual art
DJ Producing Music

We're a full fledged production house and will accompany you through the full creative process, from songwriting to final release.

I'm passionate about sound and will make sure your audio recordings are professional and that they touch your audience.

We add spices to your dishes, sunshine to your living room, scents to your backyard; music to your life.


About the Founder. Me.

Enjoy or Die started in college 10 years ago. Bored of studying and inspired by the community of music bloggers, I launched my own music blog. As a college kid with an unconditional love of life, the name came from my hedonist aspirations.

Enjoy. Or Die.

This life we live is filled with too many wonderful gifts not to enjoy them. If I don't, I might as well not live.

Fast forward 10 years, my entrepreneur friends inspired me to push the idea further. Thus, I embarked on the great journey of entrepreneurship, fueled by the vision to create a powerful brand that reminds people to stop and smell the roses, to appreciate life in its simplicity, and to enjoy myself doing it.


Check Out My Music Blog

This blog is dedicated to my passion for music. In every day of our lives, we experience feelings, and music have a powerful effect on feelings. "There's a tune for every moment." Music can amplify, distort or change every moment. Use it wisely, and Enjoy.

Featured Projects

The recording of our first album

My first and most beloved acquisition

A change from Spotify

Studio Microphone

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