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Kemba's album "Negus" is so reminiscent of Kanye West diversity of work to me. Ceasar's rise is such a masterpiece of a build up. With nothing going up for the first 2 minutes, we are left patenting more than we're used too with contemporary popular music, and it's so delicious, it's worth it.

Get a good sound system or a pair of headphones, hit play, sit down and wait, wait, and wait a bit more. You will feel the cockiness build up within you, a dark feeling of being the shit and unstoppable at it. That simple synth melody will prepare you for what's about to come. As the adrenaline pumps up in your veins, get ready, close your eyes, and take it all in.

Read below, but only once you've felt the drop, made it past that intense release.

You'll hear why: I don't want to spoil the experience for you.

You heard it? That scream. Replay the build up if you haven't felt an ounce of shivers. They will prep you up for the bass line and the drum breaks that's about to come. Go ahead, walk out the door with your BDE. Ceasar's rise is now your rise.


This, my friends, is a great example of the way I listen to music. To me, lyrics are just another instrument: they carry their message with their tone much more than the meaning we give them. I don't get attached to the message; I fall in love with the vibe.


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