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Let me Snow, Let me Snow, Let me Snow

Sunny weather outside, not a cloud in sight and an average -2 °C: I’m heading to the mountain! Music is mandatory for Snowboarding. Great snowboard movie includes great soundtrack (I like Isenseven for that), and a good ride is always better with a great playlist. It kind of catches the moment. Here’s a little overview of what I like to listen on my board.

Have a Cigar – Pink Flyod –¨¨–_–¨¨–> Let’s ride some fresh pillows

At first, I was riding to the original. Then, I discovered this cover.

House of the rising sun – Muse

The Rolling Stones are a must in each and every rinding playlist.

Gimme Shelter

This one’s from the intro of Neverland by Absinth Films. This is the best intro I’ve seen so far, it worth the whole movie 🙂 Try really hard to figure what would Paradise resemble if God was a rider, then you’ll get that intro. I seriously wish this is what Paradise looks like. Tried to find it on Youtube, sorry, but unavailable.

Baba O’Riley – The Who

Stormy High – Black Mountain

There is a lot left to post (my playlist is about 356 five tracks). Stay tune and Enjoy!


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