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Let me Snow, Let me Snow, Let me Snow

Sunny weather outside, not a cloud in sight and an average -2 °C: I’m heading to the mountain! Music is mandatory for Snowboarding. Great snowboard movie includes great soundtrack (I like Isenseven for that), and a good ride is always better with a great playlist. It kind of catches the moment. Here’s a little overview of what I like to listen on my board.

Have a Cigar – Pink Flyod –¨¨–_–¨¨–> Let’s ride some fresh pillows

At first, I was riding to the original. Then, I discovered this cover.

House of the rising sun – Muse

The Rolling Stones are a must in each and every rinding playlist.

Gimme Shelter (SymboleOne Remix) – Nid & Sancy

This one’s from the intro of Neverland by Absinth Films. This is the best intro I’ve seen so far, it worth the whole movie 🙂 Try really hard to figure what would Paradise resemble if God was a rider, then you’ll get that intro. I seriously wish this is what Paradise looks like. Tried to find it on Youtube, sorry, but unavailable.

Baba O’Riley – The Who

Stormy High – Black Mountain

There is a lot left to post (my playlist is about 356 five tracks). Stay tune and Enjoy!


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