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Life is beautifully unpredictable

One day I will write a book. But for now, here's a little personal story tackling open mindness, willpower, and the very unpredictable nature of the world. Press play and read on.


My journey to discover Nick León started on a wild night, at a underground rave where my mind expended millions fold. The showcased genre was UK Drill, but not the radio friendly stuff, it was way more experimental, weird, brutal, and for the first part of the night, downright annoying and unpleasant.

Still, we were supporting friends and the niche crowd that joined seemed to love it, so I set my mind to sit through it and open myself to the experience. About a third into the night, as I was soaking it all in right, dead center between the stereo sound system, I started to actually enjoy it, and then, it hit me: I can get myself to like ANYTHING; all that's needed is for me to push through the discomfort, until it becomes art. By the end of the night, I loved it...

After this experience, I had to sit, take a deep breath, and write it all down. Please enjoy the original piece below.


Armed with this new superpower, I went out to conquer the world, with my next stop in Mexico. While over there, I was blessed to cross path with a one-of-a-kind Latina, to which even my ego could not resist.

Soon though, I had to face reality: she loooves Reggaeton, and, for myself... it makes me cringe. That was the perfect opportunity to put my lesson to the test. With apprehension, but also excitement, we walked into her favorite club together.

The rest is history, and it kickstarted my journey into discovering Reggaeton as art, and not just a piece of what I affectionally refer to as "junk food music".


With my mind now open, I took the time to actually research the genre and dig for its gems. To my pleasant surprise, without even trying, the existence of Deep Reggeaton was brought to my attention. It appears that my prayers were exhausted, and artists out there started incorporating the infectious rhythm of Reggeaton with the sound design refinement of House.

And this was the lead that brought me to Nick León, with his remix of CHIBI, which strongly appealed to my taste for Minimal.


Now, I wanted to know what kind of music Nick listens too. And the answer is not simple, but the common denominator I uncovered so far is: slightly weird, highly original, and all over the place. It was a real joy to sit through the mix he put together at The Lot Radio, knowing the journey that led me there.

If you read all the way down to here, I thank you for taking the time to appreciate my own form of art, and remind you that, if, unlike me, you are not willing to push through to discover mind blowing music, you can count on me to do the dirty work for you 👇

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