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Mother Nature in all its splendor

Being back at the cabin in Quebec for the holidays, we enjoyed a true gem of our Canadian winters: the sound of the snow softly falling on the ground on a peaceful January night.

Witnessing this moment was truly inspirational and brought me back to the roots of Mother Nature in all its splendor. The deep, dark, foggy horizon over the lake breaths nothing more than peace and safety.

And above all, I was able to enjoy the relaxing sound of the snowflakes gently falling on the ground already covered by a generous bed of the white goodness, as if someone lightly deposited each snowflake one by one. Standing alone in the middle of the lake, the sound was generously enveloping me, momentarily carried away by a soft breeze.

It felt like Mother Nature was telling us not to worry, thankful that we could be there to cherish this special moment. Snowflakes would land on our faces, delicately stinging us with their cold core before melting away in pure serenity. Mother Nature, in all its beatitude, was caressing us with its grace.


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