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Musical dopamine

Discovered Crystal Castles something like 2 years ago, from a girl I used to frequent, and God might tell me when I’ll die why they’re the ones who know the right tunes to hook me in …

Crystal Castles is one of the band that I often forget, due to the massive inflow of music I discover every week, but that I rediscover with oh so much pleasure. Their original sound always find a way through my mind to hit my nerve center and release what I like to call “musical dopamine”, what I think “pop music” does not have at all (happens exceptionally). It’s like a book; sometimes, after having read a whole page of one of those boring school books, you realize you did not get anything from the message sent to you; you don’t even remember a line of it… But if you fall on a great novel, you’ll probably keep reading cause you always need more. The same is true with music; it will often pass trough your mind, letting you indifferent as a grape in a vineyard.

When listening to Crystal Castles, this is not happening. I get hooked, every time, by the simplest “double-octave” bass lines, the straight continuous drum beats and the melodic, entertaining keyboard riffs. For those who are wondering, the original sound comes from the bright idea of modeling Atari’s sounds with a keyboard.

Crystal Castles first made their name with their electro-trash unique style, but don’t get fooled, they do compose great vibe tunes too. Here are a few of my favorite tracks, plus, a bonus: the Omnibus mix, which makes an awesome exposition of Crystal Castles original tracks and remixes.

Untrust Us

Black Panther

Atlantis to Interzone (Klaxons cover)


Omnibus Mix


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