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Voodoo Rhythm

Ever heard about Psychobilly? It the result from a collision between apolitical punks which philosophy was something like “If there’s not futur, let’s just enjoy right now!” who met good old Rockabilly. Also often mixed with horror stories influenced by those awesome B-Movies. You feel like these bands are frozen between 60s and 80s, and God I love it!

Discovered psychobilly 4 years ago, with Tiger Army. Psychobilly was in fact much more popular in Europe, but is gaining America. Psychobilly have his own personnal flavor, usually composed of so entertaining drums riffs, a slapping double bass and a single wild driven guitar. I’ve been for a long time disappointed that this kind of music was still very underground, as punk rock is now pretty popular, but things are moving now. So here’s a sample of my 2 favorite bands, The Meteors and Nekromantix, which I think will always stay fresh and will never bore me.

S/M – Nekromantix

Nice day for a resurrection – Nekromantix

Ghoulina – Nekromantix

Graveyard in your memory – Nekromantix

Voodoo Rhythm – The Meteors

Love You to Death – The Meteors

Another Half Hour Till Sunrise – The Meteors

My Daddy is a Vampire – The Meteors


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