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On the Road

I want to apologize to all Americans, we gave you Nickelback, and I’m deeply sorry about that… So here’s something which will make you forgive Nickelback, and when we burned your Withehouse down 😛 (check out Wikipedia if you’re doubting about it).

I like to describe Sam Roberts musical style as folk rock. Folk music has a special place in my heart, and it’s travelling. It makes me wanna quit everything and go explore the world. Folk music has been part of American history, when hobos were jumping on train wagons and discovering the gorgeous landscapes of the great North America. If this does inspire you, I strongly suggest you to check out this book: On the Road, written by Jack Kerouac. I’d love to leave that road modern society traced for us, and just enjoy life, instead of pursue my studies for 2 more years and work hard all my life long. Easy to say, but it’s such a strong psychological barrier to enforce. In the same order of ideas, here’s another recommendation: the movie Into the Wild, should inspire you too. I should post some of my favorite folk bands in the coming weeks, stay tunes if you like the following.

Bridge to Nowhere – Sam Roberts

Uprising Down Under – Sam Roberts

Canadian Dream – Sam Roberts


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