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The Hangover

Oh my god, yesterday’s was one of those night when you get into the bar with a hundred bucks, then you wake up and wonder why…

I think there’s a song for every occasion, that’s why I love music! As drugs do amplify your feelings, music can do the same. So here I come with a few songs (I would post them all if I could) of a great band from Montreal that mixed folk, punk and country together to come out with the sound of Yesterday’s Ring. As drinking has been part of their life, they are the perfect band to accompany your nights at the barroom… and when you wake up with the best hangover ever (Yes, I do have great hangovers. Every morning I wake up and still drunk, I feel accomplished and like last night was a great night). You know, when you feel feed up by the life, but you remember (or sometimes not…) the good times you just had drinking with your good friends, and you have that mix of whiskey and nostalgia that flow through your veins. So here are a few of my favorite hangover songs.


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