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We’ll call it a Comeback!

Unfortunately, the MP3 player I used for my blog seems to be shut down… So as a result, all my posted tracks aren’t available anymore 😦

I must admit I have been discouraged by this event, and did not insist to keep the blog going (I was pretty busy too), but again, music gained the upper hand. For now, I’ll stick to those good old YouTube videos (just noticed Google Chrome auto-correct YouTube with a capital Y and T ;). You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you like my musical tastes.

So I’ve prepared for you a playlist of my favorites tracks of Danzig, an awesome Dark-Rock-Southern Blues influenced band with a Metal touch. FYI, Glen Danzig, the founder and singer of the band was the former Misfits singer. Although I prefer the actual Misfits singer, Danzig makes an awesome job in it’s new band.

Thanks to “The Hangover” for the discovery.

Black Hell

How the God Kills

Long Way Back From Hell

Going Down to Die


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